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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well, the girl's coming back...

I've been scurrying around picking up the house and installing handrails by the toilet. The place is ready for a full blown cripple fight (a la J-j-j-jimmy and Timmay! of Southpark). If we didn't live on the ground floor (actually, the basement), I'd have an elevator installed. I'm also pretty sure that the healing purrs of our magic cat will speed up her recovery process.

Luckily for her, there will be some sweet celebrity events coming up. If you can't race, you might as well party right?

Rachell Lloyd is having her fundraiser on Jan. 5th and I'm bringing out the wheels of steel to provide beats for this hootenanny. That's right, I'll be spinning all my "newest" 45's from yardsales and fleamarkets, my deep, DEEP collection of classic hip hop (thanks Rob!) and funk, soul, etc. and whatever else I can gather up at the last minute. Don't listen too close, I'm perfecting my new "beatmatching by smell" technique.

I'm also playing records at Hellyer again for the next fundraiser to help the Proman track team. I'll gather up the pertinent info regarding all these events and post it soon.

Till then, Hooptie's got another mix of mine from a few months back posted on his blog. Record it to a cassette tape and play it on your Walkman:



At 7:49 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Hey Josh and Barb!
Barb I am SO BUMMED for your Achilles but you'll be right as rain in no time. My best bud who lives in San Anselmo and a core MTB'er ruputured his last summer and is using a great PT in teh area. I have the info here:

"The PT is Core PT (on Redwood Highway – next two 101 past the N. San Pedro exit). Kris Wittman is the woman that I have been working with and she is the Director there. Here number is (415) 479-7100."

So, if you are in teh market for a great PT place my bud is using thes efolks with great results.

Be well!

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Josh and Barb said...

Greg, thanks for the PT advice. I'm going to see an ortho (the first one since surgery) on Thursday to have my staples out and cast changed. I swear I can feel the staples prickling me.


At 6:38 AM, Blogger Wendy Simms said...

better get ground effects installed on your gimp stix for the party B. I would say a nice shade of deep purple would set the mood.



At 9:54 AM, OpenID Heidi Swift said...

Welcome back to Barb! And fast healing! I am a long-time reader-non-commenter but wanted to say hi and get well soon.

I was so bummed to read about your achilles... my sister had the same injury playing volleyball about 5 years ago.

Happy Healing,


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