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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Yard sale sounds

I have spent a lot of time over this last year learning about vinyl records and record collecting. It turns out that Marin is like some kind of a frickin' gold mine for digging after records and I've gotten pretty hooked on searching for interesting music on vinyl.

I am a fiend for yardsales and most of my best finds have come on an early saturday morning. There are a ton of people every weekend trying to get rid of those old heavy records around here. I usually pay about $1 a record at the average yardsale, but today's haul came at $3 per.

I found a sale near my house on craigslist that I thought would yield an interesting collection. I could tell because the guy was selling vintage stereo equipment as well as tools and records. I showed up at 9, when he advertised his sale would start. I was pissed because there were already people rooting around, I try and respect the "no earlybirds" ads. However, none of these people were after records and he hadn't brought his music out.

I got the first try at looking through his collection and I came up with some really great finds, some of which appear to be pretty valuable. I love getting the first look at a collection!

I found several great Zappa albums, a few Talking Heads albums (including a 45 rpm 12" of 3 songs I've never heard and a limited edition clear vinyl of Speaking In Tongues). There was a lot of jazz and I picked out a few promising looking albums of that genre. I don't know a lot about jazz and I don't really know classical either, and there was a lot of classical in there as well.

The big finds of the day were a couple of bootleg recordings from the 70's: The Who "Decidedly Late Response" which is some live recordings from their 1973 north american tour and Van Morrison "Van the Man" which is a live recording from the Fillmore West in 1970. These are in very good condition and both are pretty valuable so I'm hoping to pay a good chunk of next month's rent with these.

I also found a great copy of Lightnin' Hopkins "Live at the Bird Lounge" and a wierd experimental recording from Sweden by Ralph Lundsten and Leo Nilson called "Elektronisk Musik" that appears to be fairly valuable as well.

I should take some pictures, some of these have really remarkable covers. Actually, I should take my camera to the yard sales- this guy had a bunch of really cool stuff. I don't know, people may actually have very little interest in hearing about this kind of thing... Oh well, it keeps me off the streets at least.


At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Wolfman Jack said...

Im looking for a rare bootleg of Chuck Mangione live at Buddakan, Nov.1976. Im willing to pay up to 500,000$.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Josh and Barb said...

Mmm hmm, I'll keep my out for that one....

At 8:46 PM, Blogger waitingaround said...

what with village music closing, i wonder if there's a tidal tip away from vinyl? lots of great wax up north of the bridge, that's for sure.

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Josh and Barb said...

Well, it's an interesting area for records. I spent a few days over at Village Music in the week before they closed: I saw DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist do their "the hard sell" routine from about 2 feet away- pretty much the awesomest dang thing I've witnessed. Eight 1200's and 4 mixers, all 45 rpm 7" records for about an hour. It was a peak experience.

I went there later in the week with my portable and found a bunch of cool 45's. It was real cool, Shadow and Cut Chemist were in there chilling and plaing records off the racks. I truly regret not spending more time in there before they closed.

There's just a lot of people around here who've collected music on vinyl for many years. It doesn't happen every week, but I get into some collections that are epic around here because I'm dilligent. I can't help feeling like I'm blowing it because I'm a noob and I know I'm passing over a lot of valuable records through ignorance.... but I'm learning!


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