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Friday, October 06, 2006

Primed up for Gloucester

Simon, Karin (woman that we're staying with who's house-sitting at the house we're at) and I did a good ride today to the course for some inspection and preparatory training. I felt fairly good as I did a few hard efforts, so I'm optimistic about the racing in the coming days.

I'm preparing myself for a full hour of battle- I don't expect to get isolated much when the course is so short and I doubt I'll be better than 5th row or so at the start. It sould be elbow to elbow the whole way- this is it, the first big-time event of the year and I'm sure there will be 90+ starters. It will be fun (in a way...), this is a great course and the weather is expected to be nice. I can only imagine there will be tons of spectators so I plan on just getting in the pain bag and gritting it out. There's really no reason I can't be top-20 if I keep cool and don't do anything dumb. I think my bad luck from last weekend is behind me and I'm ready for a clean fight.

We're planning a nice relaxing evening here at the house, I got a DVD of the movie Super Troopers from Troy Wells (instead of gas money... bitch!) last weekend and so we'll watch that one. It's pretty much my new favorite movie, it's friggin' hilarious.


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