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Sunday, July 30, 2006


I'm in Pittsburgh visiting my family and new nephew and enjoying typical east coast weather. Not kidding about the enjoying, it's actually kind of nice. The humidity here is through the roof but seems pleasant to me. It's nice to go out in the evening without needing a jacket. At night the street lights look like they are enveloped in fog, but it's actually just humidity. I think the humidity here comes from the plant transpiration. Plant life here is out of control, ever bit of dirt small or large bursts with green. Trees droop from the weight of giant green leaves. Hedges spill over sidewalks and weeds try to squeeze out of every crack in pavement. It's like the plants know they only have so many months a year to grow and spread their seeds so the grow with hectic fury.

This afternoon I was treated to a thunderstorms that made me remember childhood storms. It seems that out west rain comes at you in two ways. It either sneaks up during the night and upon awakening it's there. Or, it comes at you like a train, one moment things are calm, then comes the noise and wind and wham there it is pelting down with full force.

Today's storm is what I remember a storm to be. The morning is humid beyond belief and overcast. Then the quiet far away rumbles begine. This storm is letting you know that it's on it's way. After a few hours light drops of rain gently kiss the warm pavement creating that special wet summer smell. The drops increase in size and frequency obscuring your vision and soaking you thoroughly. Lightning flashes, thunder cracks the trees shiver and thrash. For a brief moment water pours out of the sky in buckets then stops. The rumbles recede, a few drops of rain linger then its all gone and the humidity returns.



At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a review you gave about a set of spinergy spox wheels and you said they were worthless for cross... how about time trialing?

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Brent Chapman said...

I got experience a bit of that when we stayed at your folks house before Toona. IT was humid as hell, but when the rain fell I sat out on thier deck and just enjoyed it.

Have a good time with the family. Cheers


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