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Monday, December 04, 2006

NorCal racing at it's finest!

You know, I had a great time racing yesterday. The first Coyote Point race that Tom did was also my first ever cross race, so that course holds a special place in my heart. I think I may well have raced every 'cross since then at coyote point, I love racing close to home and I appreciate the Pilarcitos gang's effort at these events. Tom and his crew put on a top notch event each and every time, and I love 'em for that!

I had a nice drive down through the city in my shitty Ford Escort Service wagon, with bikes stuffed in and spare wheels up to the ceiling. I had the new DJ Shadow bumping in my blown out speakers and I was feeling fine on the way down.

I made it to the race in time to do some hot laps on both bikes and be sure the tires were dialed. Got to yell at the duffers during their race and caught up with as many cyclocross brothers and sisters as I could while I got my act together. I ran a Dugast 34 Rhino in the front and a silk 32 Typhoon in the back, and I'll tell you that was a very good combo on that track. I lucked out and didn't get anything sharp stuck in them too, so the risk was worth it this time. What good is the killer rubber if it doesn't see the 'cross track?

So, anyway Casey blows the whistle and off we go- I managed to start in the second row behind the series callups. Jeez, I got swarmed! I think I was 15th as we went up the hill on the pre-lap. I just did my thing and by the time we came off the sandy beach I was second wheel, behind Ben J-M. That beach was perfect. If there is a sand obstacle on a cross track, it's best if some run and some ride. That's a sign that it is just right for 'cross.

I settled in and just sat on Ben's wheel. We were riding away from the others, yet the pace didn't seem ridiculous. I was pretty psyched, my goal is always to mark Ben (or Barry, or Andy....) at these local races and see how long I last. This time I didn't last long. We got to the top of the climb and in the deep dirt right before the upper paved section my front wheel went over a fist sized rock that I couldn't see and I was on the ground. Bitch! I couldn't chase back on and in short order the chase group of John Funke, my teammate Dave Wyandt and Chris McGovern were upon me.

As we all made our way back around for the second (third?) lap, Chris dodged around me before the downhill turns in a rather aggressive manner... I regret to say that there were a few sharp words exchanged. I'll admit that I kind of heckled him as he did this, I figured it might be good to put him on edge as we went into the technical parts since a bit of pressure never hurts. Chris managed to botch the next few downhill corners and we made our way to the beach where he ended up having to change bikes- a soft tire was affecting his handling and that kind of ended his race. Chris is a good friend of mine and we had a laugh about the whole thing after the race, but I have to say he's got the mouth of a masters racer on him... and I guess I kind of race like a junior sometimes so I probably deserved it! Chris is super strong right now and I wouldn't have been surprised if he just rode back to Ben had it not been for that flat, the guy's wound tight!

So after that it was just me, Dave and John. We went around a few more times till John had a flat, and then it was just Dave and I. Dave basically drove it home, I went in front here and there but he had that glint in his eye so I let him do his thing. We rode in together for second and third so that was cool.

I'm pretty psyched to race next weekend, I'm feeling good and I'm glad to be home. I will race both the CCCX and Surf City races so that should be good prep for the big show in RI.

Check out http://teamrockblogster.blogspot.com/ to learn about all our other sweet team victories. The HRS-Rock Lobster crew was out in force and we sealed the team competition! Shelly Olds won the womens over-all and Aaron Kereluk was 2nd to old man Funke in the mens GC.


At 11:37 PM, Blogger funkdaddy said...

I saw you and Chris gettin' jiggy in them S-Turns...boys behaving badly...

Good race, was fun getting that "free ride" from you guys for a few laps ;-)

See you on Saturday - I'll be trying my hardest to pop a gasket the week before Providence.

At 12:02 PM, Blogger X Bunny said...

and don't forget that brent suffered to be sure he got rocklobster one more point....

At 2:19 PM, Blogger Brent Chapman said...

me and a few other lobbies represented.

Simon was the master rep racing on that jacked up back.

Good job Snead

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Josh and Barb said...

Tis' true, the whole gang did a great show. It was a great time and I can't wait to see you all next weekend!


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