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Friday, March 17, 2006

A Piercing Moment

My earlier post about riding outside was premature. That little ride did me in for two days. Today I tried acupuncture for the first time. It was an interesting experience all around. My boss, Tony, swears by Dr. You in San Francisco so that's where I went. Dr. You spent some time grilling me about my condition-low energy, constricted throat......, my lifestyle, eating and drinking habits etc. Then while laying on a table he put little needles into my legs, hands, arms, and lots of needles in my ears and neck. I was told to take a nap. You don't really feel the needles going in but you know they are there and that's a bit disconcerting. Twice a nurse came in and "adjusted" the needles. It felt like she twirled them deeper into my epidermis. This was also a bit disconcerting as one needle caused my leg to tingle. After an eternity and two adjustments I was done for the moment. Part of the treatment involves drinking potent rank teas. I was given three bags of herbs to boil into tea. Right now there is the smelliest pot of seed pods, dried banana peels, twigs, bark, slivered dinosaur bones and other unidentifiable plant matter boiling on the stove. Wish me luck in drinking that stuff.



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