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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Skippin' races...

So I bailed on the Central Valley Classic omnium race this weekend. I've had a pretty good time racing the last few weeks, but I saw the weather for this weekend and I just figured I'll train here at home instead of driving all the way to Fresno for that crazyness. My tough and manly RHVilla/ Montano Velo teammates went, and I'm still waiting to here how that all turned out. I do know that Christian flatted out of the circuit race in classic Christian style. I hope those guys finish up safe and sound.

Just because I didn't go down to the rainy sufferfest doesn't mean I don't have some seriously tired legs after these last few days! The last 4 days have included a rugged mix of fixed gear riding, TT workouts and a 5.5 hr solo ride in the wind yesterday with lots of painful accellerations on the hills. Today is more fixed gear, but easy for recovery. It's pretty yucky out though, I'll ride it on the rollers.

Enough boring training talk. This week is going to be like christmas for team RHVilla/ Montano Velo! I'll post pics of my new, custom, Scandium tubed wonder built by Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster later this week. These things are going to be super awesome, no cabrone fiber on these bad dogs. All business, stiff and light. Oh yes, nothing like a new rig! Team uniforms should show soon too. It's been quite a wait and our old kits are getting a bit scandalous- those guys are probably showing some cheeks in the rain! Uvex helmets and glasses should show soon too. We will go from rag-tag to euro-pro in a matter of days, I think this will help us get some results! Everyone is really looking fit so it shouldn't be long now.


At 11:10 PM, Blogger Brent Chapman said...

oooh a new rock lobster road frame.. drool.



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